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I use my real power keeping up with these two...boy are they a handful!
My real power would be that I have the ability to see the good in people. We live in a world where it’s easy to only see the bad in someone, but I choose to look for the good first. By trying to find what makes that person shine and helping them spread their gift around!
My real power is encouragement and I share it via my youtube channel, through my photography, and I am a soon to be practicing mental health counselor!
My real power is my compassion and my uniqueness. I share it by being kind to everyone and trying to make everyone’s day a little better even if I don’t know them. A smile can go a long way. Sometimes people don’t expect that kind of attitude from me since I’m covered in tattoos
My real power is working hard to reach my financial goals
My real power is being creative and inspired to be a graphic designer
My real power is listening to people and making them happy and I share it by trying to help anyone in need or that needs to talk about anything, I always try to make them feel better and smile. I like to make people laugh and cheer up my friends or family.
My real power is empathy. I understand that a lot of people in this world experience a tremendous amount of pain and hardships. I try to do my best to help then through volunteer work, fundraisers, and being as kind as possible.
My real power is helping animals. I share it by being a veterinary technician and helping them get healthy!
My real power is knowing how to relax after leading a reset team all week. Everyone thinks the job is easy but it’s not. This is how I keep my sanity and fun in my life.